Infinite Crisis

Thanks to Valve’s big-ass DOTA 2 competition, I’ve got multiplayer online battle arena games on the mind this weekend, but I’m no DOTA 2 player. I’m barely an Infinite Crisis player, but at least I’m dying surrounded by DC superheroes.

Turbine’s Infinite Crisis was a confounding combination for me. On the one hand, I love comics, comic books, comic book boxes, mylar bags and just about everything else associated with the genre. On the other hand, I get terrible performance anxiety while trying to play a MOBA. So Infinite Crisis was something I very much wanted mixed with something I didn’t want at all.

But I chewed on my vegetables and resisted spitting them into my napkin, and slowly I’ve begun to get into the swing of things. I’ve found a hero I enjoy playing — Supergirl — and now I’m working on playing her in a non-embarrassing manner.

Let’s see how I do friv4school & friv 4 school


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